Marcello Maloberti

may 13 - jul 23 1999
via farneti 10 milano 
For his solo-show in Milan, the Italian artist Marcello Maloberti presents photographs, drawings and video installation: expressive languages which although dissimilar are touched by the same sensibility and somehow changed into the same material.

In the corridor of the gallery we are received by a series of photographs of faces that introduce us to “the threshold”, which is the typical dimension of Maloberti’ s artistic world. These are reflections of passengers’ faces on a train, captured while their vacuous stares wander over the landscape.

In the first room is displayed a series of drawings in blue felt pen. The strokes of the felt pen are very dense, turning the paper’s surface into a sort of new skin.

In the second room a video installation again proposes the topic of travel; reality is now presented from a slightly different point of view. A succession of monitors show heads of people on the subway from the back; every image slowly turns into another one, and we can perceive their faces and their eyes.
A sound emerges like a memory or a mild obsession. We can hear this sound everywhere in the gallery.

Project Room: ‘Walkman’

Sound is again the subject of Maloberti’ s work for the Project Room.
Here twelve Walkman headphones hanging on the wall create a horizon of voices and little stories. These create visual obsessions which emphasize the dimension of hearing. We are now travelers looking for these voices, in that place where “words are on the tongue and a breath pushes them out”.