ross sinclair

Oct 2 - Oct 2, 2002
via r. farneti 10
Raffaella Cortese is pleased to present the first ltalian personal show of Ross Sinclair.
The Scottish artist, born in Glasgow in 1966, is internationally known for reworking the principles of self portraiture, installation and the neon slogan.

Taking his cue from traditional Seventies’ performance, Sinclair began the “Real Life” project in 1994, when he had these words tattooed on his back. By not revealing his face to the audience he has introduced a current variation of self portraiture. The continuous photographic and video documentation of this gesture, from 1994 to this day, in changing contexts attest to the validation of this work as the longest symbolic performance appropriated to contemporary art production.
His indoor environments, usually large size, merge photography, video, sound and sometimes reference social symbolism in a pop style. Recently Sinclair created a neon sequence, representing a powerful call to disorder, a narrative which evolved from a site specific project, realized for Leipzig Expo after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and has existed in many forms and many piace, not least in Austria, after its political turn to the right.
For this show, the artist will present a neon installation, titled “Dante’s Inferno” and two new series of photographs, both made in the Orkney lslands, north of the mainland of Scotland.

In the first show, “Real Life Italian Chapel, Orkney”, Sinclair puts his Real Life character in the foreground of a chapel, built by Italian prisoners kept there during the Il World War. The series “Real Life Orcadian” shows his figure in various locations on Orkney lslands among architectures, natural landscapes or simply gazing out to the sea.

After exhibiting in 1999 at The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edimburg, Sinclair won the prestigious Baloise Prize in 2001 and had a solo show at South London Gallery in London. In March 2002, his installation “Journey to the Edge of the World” was presented at the Hamburger Kunstalle in Hamburg as part of the permanent collection. In 2002, further solo shows took piace at The Agency Gallery in London and at Yvon Lambert in Paris.
During the show in Milan, the Wewerke Pavillon in Munster will host a Sinclair’s personal exhibition.