annelies strba

Mar 16 - Mar 24, 2001
via r. farneti 10
Raffaella Cortese Gallery is pleased to present the first ltalian solo show of the Swiss artist Annelies Strba.
The project room displays a selection from her bes t known work, titled “Shades of Time”. This consists of nearly 240 black and white and colour photos of four generations of her family, mainly taken in the same domestic setting. This series looks at passage of time through daily events such as sleeping or playing, giving them a kind of ritual value.
In spite of their profound and intimate subjects, these photographs are clearly legible and able to make a profound impact on the viewer, thanks to the authenti’city of the caracters and everyday moments selected by the artist.
In just a few shots, Strba includes the outside world among the scenes of family life. She chooses both places inextricably linked to historic memories like Hiroshima, Auschwitz, Kobe after the tragic earthquake and others, personally experienced during family trips and outings.
On the other hand the latest works, shown in the main gallery, focus on outdoor locations, architectural details and views of well known cities like Paris, Berlin and New York.
Disregarding the laws of aesthetic perfectionism, the photographs are deliberately blurred or taken in motion and present emotional experiences and free associations, rather than clear reports of the p laces visited.