elliot puckette

May 18 - Jul 21, 2000
via r. farneti 10
The American artist will exhibit new paintings, prints and a number of drawings on ancient manuscripts.

The sinuous interlacing of Elliott PucketteĀ’s lines is the expression of an abstract pictorial language realized through an elaborate and painstaking process, in which the violent intensity of her biade is belied by the elegant appearance of the results.
Working with a razor biade on wood panels, with a layer of gesso and then painted over with lnk, the artist covers the surface with sparse traceries of calligraphic lines, not applied but revealed, as the ink is etched away to expo se the white gesso below.
Her art comes out of an exploration of the impulses underlying language, changing the formai and aesthetic issues of writing into pictorial idiom.

In these new works the lines are even more rarefied, the wood panels show a wider range of colours and the artist uses tondos as well as rectangular supports to frame her abstractions and to underline the content.