monica carocci

Mar 16 - May 13, 2000
via r. farneti 10
The ltalian artist Monica Carocci has worked for more than ten years with black and white photography as well as video, becoming an important figure in the outline of contemporary art. For this exhibition she will show a new series of large sized photographic works and an installations on the subject of horses. The project is a development of a video installation made for Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena and inspired by Il Palio, the legendary race. Horses running on the gallery walls give off strenght and power through images manipulated by the artist in her dark room.

“In photography, -she says- l am interested in this effort that you must make to fili the rectangle and isolate ali that happens outside that defined space. Often the result is purely casual. l achieve different results to those l started off with. l go ahead by trials and errors, also because l continue to see images even after developing the negatives”.