perino & vele

Dec 14 - Feb 29, 2000
via r. farneti 10
The young ltalian artists Perino & Vele have created for their first solo show in Milan a series of new works, mocking the typical Neapolitan penchant for exaggeration: the very prestigious “Esposito Transiternational” parked in the gallery is in reality a life-size Ape Piaggio - a three- wheeler frequently used in ltaly to carry various products - in papier-maché and iron. Some elements of a domestic interior are blown up to the size of giant furniture. “Our works - have recently stated the duo - are a mere reproduction of everyday life objects: we start from their physical shape to give them a new identity and function”.

Their sculptures, usually large sized, are mounted on iron frames covered by a materia! which resembles a quilt, but is in fact a stiff papier-maché covering, uniformly squared. The chromatic effect is obtained by punning different newspapers, such as the pink Gazzetta dello Sport or Il Sole 24 Ore.