louise hopkins

Oct 7 - Nov 28, 1998
via r. farneti 10

This solo-show is the first ltalian exhibition by the English artist Louise Hopkins, who lives and works in Glasgow.

She describes herself as “an artist who uses paint” rather than a painter and works with an originai creative process: some of the works are made on the reverse of furnishing fabrics printed with fiorai patterns, of a sort commonly used in England for curtains or wallpapers, which she stretchs like a canvas on the frames.

Covering the fabrics with several layers of traslucent gesso and using tiny brushes, with a selection of colours reduced to white and dark brown, Louise Hopkins replaces the originai pattern, now only faintly visible, bringing !ife to what has been previously hidden in the background.

Her painting project presents a chaUenge to the notion of traditionat painting; she combines the artistic element with the everyday, the hand-made with the industrial product, taking
its own piace between everydaylife and high art. Hopkins’ research, which comes from minimalism, but is far from the rigid grid of the formalism, is conceptual and highly poetic, looks for a space’s notion as a surface vibrating and metaphysical, which reveals the pre- existent support.

The same originai way of painting has bee n used in the “Songbooks”, where white gouache has been painted over the printed areas of song sheets. Hopkins whited out the words, staves and tines of a tove song, so that we can see them just with a raking light, composed in a new melody.

In her “Land Maps”, countries and cities exist just as traces and suggestions.