jan groover

Oct 8 - Dec 20, 1997
via r. farneti 10

Raffaella Cortese        Via Rodolfo Farneti 10  20129 Milano Italia  Tel-Fax 02.2043555



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artist:                        Jan Groover

opening:                   Wednesday, October  8, 1997

gallery:                     Raffaella Cortese Gallery,Via Rodolfo Farneti 10, 20129 Milano

exhibition dates:       October 8 to December 20,  1997

gallery hours:           Tuesday to Saturday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. or by appointment.



In this second one-person show at the gallery, the American artist Jan Groover presents some new and unpublished works, which belong to probably the most important strand of her work: the still lifes.


The photographs show common household objects, worn by time: taps, kitchen utensils and pots, placed next to dried leaves and crumpled cloth. Every subtle nuance of light and shade is enanced by the platinum palldium printing process.


Once again the artist studies the significance of the objects at the moment the picture is taken, immersed in a space determined by planes and particular viewpoints.

Jan told me recently: “I look at the object - it can be a leaf, a pot or whatever - until it disappears, and just the picture is left. At that moment the photograph comes into  being”.


Playing on the unlikely juxtaposition of a satin cloth and an old tap , a dry leaf and dark velvet, her research reveals ever more the “melancolie moderne”, as the critic Jean-François Chevrier says of her works.

She shows a kind of existential restlessness suggestedh by a fragile equilibrium, by the silence of the objects and the opacity of the materials.

At the exhibition, alongside these new works, there are also some rare black and white and colour photographs from the eighties which highlight the lively continuity of her research, despite her experimentations.

Through colour, the artist’s universe becomes more pictorial, dominated by light and reflection but still retains that formal strength which distinguishes all her work.


Jan Groover was born in Plainfield, New Jersey, in 1943.

She studied painting at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn and became a photographer in 1970.

The artist has exhibited in several well-known international galleries (Sonnabend Gallery, Paris and New York) and major museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where an important retrospective exhibition was held in 1987, with a catalogue written by Susan Kismaric. In 1993 her biggest monograph was published, with an introduction by John Szarkowski.

The artist lives and works in France, where she recently had an exhibition at the Musée Lapidaire and at the Centre de photographie in Lectoure.



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