angelo candiano. sistema

Feb 5 - Apr 15, 1997
via r. farneti 10

Angelo Candiano is a photographic artist who uses the camera itself very little, although he employes ali the elements of photography: photosensitive paper, light, and the camera (a chamber, in ltalian in its sense of piace or environment enclosed by walls). The artist works on the reduction of the image to obtain a minimal, abstract sign, often incorporating the third dimension.

The installation, entitled “Sistema”, is the result of different experiences developed in recent years: Situazioni, threedimensional objects in photosensitive paper blackened by exposure to light; Carbon paper, which consists of photographs of Situazioni taken in the dark, producing only vague traces; Mutanti, works in which the top layer of p a per is raised at its edge to reveal the pink photosensitive p a per below, like “skin”; and, Semiosi, colour photographs of two-dimensional images projected by basic forms.

The language of Candiano is essentally based on two fundamental and correlated elements: light and time. Through the action of time, light modifies the works and contributes to their definition. But the passing of time also leaves its traces, which become signs charged with personal and collective symbolic values.

The artist has developed a theory about the function of time and light in his works, called Fotosophy. He analyzes the correlations between his various artistic experiences: Carbon paper, Situazioni, Mutanti and Semiosi; and links them to other humanistic disciplines such as philosophy, history and sociology.

Sistema, a “system”, is al so the exposition of this theory.
Angelo Candiano was born in Modica in 1962. He lives and works in Turin.