umberto cavenago

Oct 17 - Jan 10, 1997
via r. farneti 10
Umberto Cavenago’s work redefines the traditional concept of sculpture.
The artist uses technology and industriai production methods, overturning their functional logic and subverting it to his own ends.
For this current exhibition Cavenago has created an installation consisting of a conveyor belt made of stainless steel, 7.5 metres long, designed and executed according to industriai criteria. Ready to take its piace in the production of consumer goods, it is located in an
art gallery rather than in a factory. The blue PVC belt do es not carry goods but ideas; completely devoid of any practical utility, it exists through this profound tension, thus stimulating reaction and thought.
In order to orient the work in accordance with the sun’s east-west trajectory in the sky, the artist has made a hole in the wall separating two of the gallery’s rooms.
To see the installation in its entirety the viewer, accompanied by the vibrating sound produced by the movement of the belt, must go from one room to the other, being both physically and emotionally involved and reflecting upon the human condition in the industriai era and the function of art.
Born in Milan in 1959, Cavenago is considered, since the 80’s, as one of the most important young ltalian artists. He continues to develop his work with a creativity which is being constantly renewed. He has participated in major one person shows in ltaly and abroad
and among the exhibitions we note: in 1990 Aperto ‘90, XLIV Biennale di Venezia, in 1991 Metropolis in Berli n, in 1993 In Forma at the Contemporary Art Centre L. Pecci in Prato and he is now showing at the 23rd Biennale of San Paolo in Brazil.