jessica stockholder

May 25 - Jul 29, 2006
via a. stradella 7
After the retrospective exhibitions at GAM in Turin and PAC in Ferrara in 2005, Galleria Raffaella Cortese is now pleased to present a show of Jessica Stockholder’s works produced between 1997 and 2003.
Stockholder’s sculptures are accumulations of objects – lamps buckets rugs furs tree trunks hardware – that the artist combines in an apparently illogical way, creating chaotic three-dimensional tableaux able to confuse the viewer.

Not only from a material perspective, but also from a chromatic point of view, Stockholder’s works are "discomfortable" and difficult to perceive. Even when observed in a pictorial way, they present no vanishing point and they offer no optical path to the viewer.
The most ordinary objects are used as plugs – pixels – and assembled together to form a new extra-ordinary construction, a meticulous chaos that takes meaning away from the objects and inevitably makes an acid critic of the ephemeral and redundant in our daily life.
In an interview with Lynne Tillman, Jessica Stockholder states: "I use materials as a place for fiction, fantasy and illusion". Then, It seems like her sculptures could also be read from a narrative point of view, at the limit between linguistic game and non-sense. This is easy to understand in Stockholder’s choice of non-titling her pieces and at the same time always adding a complicated list of all the materials used on the side of the wording "Untitled".

Jessica Stockholder was born in Seattle, Washington in 1959.
She lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut.
Last solo show: "Of Standing Float Roots in Thin Air", PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, New York.
Last collective show: "Art 21", Dieu Donne Papermill Residency, New York, (accompanying exhibition of Dieu Donne Papermill Residency).