Untitled - Kcho, Julião Sarmento, Kiki Smith, Jana Sterbak

Nov 27 - Jan 30, 2008
via a. stradella 7
On antithesis to the usual and numerous exhibitions determinated by "container" titles, the group show presented by Galleria Raffaella Cortese wants just to invite the public to pay attention to the works offering time and space to a pure contemplation of them.

Four large scale works, four international artists, no one particular link between them, nor common issue, simply the observersʼ silent in front of the powerful subject exhibited.

Kcho (Cuba, 1970), Columna Infinita IV revises and interprets Brancusi’s issue: the “soft” steel blocks are translated by Kcho into a pile of cumbersome inner tubes retained by ropes. These black rings no longer able to reach the sky beacuse prisoned from the roof. The artist uses poor and provisional materials that correspond to the unbalance feeling and to the utopical idea of freedom.

Juliao Sarmento (Lisbon, 1948). Dentro is a figure of a woman without a head, without a face, standing on a wooden platform wearing a simple black dress. It’s a recurrent presence in the production of the portuguese artist. The artist pays attention on the archetypal image of a woman propagated by Western Culture in its media who results a disembodied and abstract image.

Kiki Smith (Nuremberg, 1954), born in Germany but based in New York, best known as artist of the fairy tales, shows Southern Hemisphere Constellation, a large scale work, that well represents the artist’s passion for natural and celestial elements.

Jana Sterbak (Praga, 1955), through Bread bed, offers us an important meeting with her main artistic issues: the daily and domestic object and its organic and perishable properties. The bed, one of the most important “object-place” where many of our daily activities take place, is realized with a steel base and a mattress made from bread, the most famous food per excellence.