Mathilde Rosier. support et sentiments

Nov 20, 2009 - Feb 6, 2010
via a. stradella 7
In the same evening Francesca Kaufmann will open with The Rustle of language, Kaleidoscope with the Gutenberg Pavillion Episode One and Giò Marconi gallery with Lothar Hempel

From 11 to 12.00 press preview. at 12.00 at the gallery, on occasion of the launching of the Magazine Klat. Paola Nicolin, art historian and Abitare art editor with Luigi Fassi, critic and art director ar/ge kunst Galerie Museum of Bolzano will talk with Mathilde Rosier.
Raffaella Cortese is pleased to present the first Italian solo show of the French artist, Mathilde Rosier (Paris, 1973). Since !90s her works – watercolor, gouaches, installations, perfomances, video and musical composition- have in common the main theme of her artistic research: the Nature, the theatre and the rapresentation of nature.
Her performance, often accompained by music written and played by her, were held at Silberkuppe in Berlin and Serpentine Gallery, London.
The show, Supports et Sentiments, whole produced for her debut in Milan calls to mind the title of a Jane Austen"s book, a romance written by a lady and read in a domestic and intimate place, and, at the same time, is an homage to theatrical tradition in Milan. Following a strehelerian way, Mathilde Rosier reflects on scenography as art, where set and props become the subject of the play. As Stanislavskij says in his book the set and the props are the supports for the sentiments (or feelings) of the actors on stage. In the same way Mathilde consider Nature and its representation the support for our (human) feelings.
Mathilde Rosier"s Art bring us in a fantastic and, sometimes disturbing, world, where animals, bodies, clothes, hats and daily objects are mirrors of our emotions, feelings and dreams.

Mathilde Rosier was born in 1973 in Paris, currently lives and works in Burgundy and Berlin. Recent exhibitions include, Head-Wig (portrait of an exbition): Selected by Paulina Olowska, Camnden art Centre, London (2009); Spectacle du décor, Institut Français, Berlin (2009); Cosumes et accesoires, Galerie Iris Kadel, Karlsruhe (2008) and Réserve des forces hostiles, Galerie Zürcher, Paris (2007).