silvia bächli

Feb 21 - May 15, 2013
via a. stradella 7
Opening Thursday  February 21 from 7 to 9pm. The artist will be present.

Raffaella Cortese is proud to present the solo show by swiss artist Silvia Bächli which will occupy both gallery spaces in Via Stradella 1 and Via Stradella 7.

For the artist, “Drawing is a moving of eyes, a light gap, an almost undetectable discontinuity in a gravitational field of slippery care towards objects and dreams, which doesn’t even totally stop on paper. Drawing means discovering unknown worlds where to wander, creating a space and exploring it, by acting with and against the paper edges.”

Her drawing practice is almost ritual and develops into two steps: at first, a spontaneous creation with simple shapes, and abstract or figurative tones, and then a careful and reflective construction. The result consists of works characterized by a shaded, nearly monochrome line, light and clear on the paper surface. Bächli’s conception of space is representative of another dimension, it opens windows on the world of perception, sensation and interiority, which is grasped just for a second and it vanishes or turns into something else immediately after.

Using the body and its movements as a starting point, her work spreads  into everything that can be considered part of the realm of feeling. In this way she presents a reality made up of fragments and impressions. The result is not just painterly moment; the drawings often seem to capture, as if in film stills, a cinematic look wayof looking at bodies and things or their details, at landascapes, gestures, structures and processes.

The exhibition shows drawings, paintings on paper of different sizes and techniques using gouache, acrylic and ink. 
The gallery space in Via stradella 1 houses the installation “Hafnargata”, a photographic project conceived and realized with Silvia Bächli's partner, the Swiss artist Eric Hattan, deriving from their explorative four-month journey to Iceland in 2008. “Hafnargata” was first exposed in 2011, when they showed together in the exhibition “Schnee bis im Mai” at Kunsthalle Nürnberg.

Silvia Bächli was born in Baden, Switzerland, in 1956 and lives and works in Basel and Paris. 
The artist was dedicated some important solo exhibitions by Musée d’art moderne et contemporain in Strasbourg in 2002; by Mamco Geneva in 2006;  by Centre Pompidou in Paris and Museo Serralves in Porto in 2007 and recently, 2012 by Kunstmuseum in St. Gallen in Switzerland.  She represented Switzerland at the 53rd  Biennale di Venezia.
Bächli’s works are featured in numerous major collections, including Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum für  Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt; Centre Pompidou, Paris;  Kunstmuseum, Basel; Kunstmuseum St.Gallen;  Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, Neue Pinakothek Munich.  She is currently on show with Eric Hattan at MK Gallery in the UK.