jitka hanzlovà. There is Something I Don’t Know

Sep 26 - Nov 15, 2012
via a. stradella 1
The gallery Raffaella Cortese, simultaneously to the exhibition by Kiki Smith, is glad to present the solo show by the Czech photographer Jitka Hanzlovà in the new space in Via Stradella 1.

The artist has developed her photographical works in different series. She reflects her life, she shows different places, and she explores how traditional themes have been represented in the history of art. The retrospective at the Mapfre in Madrid gives a deep insight on this.

The Gallery presents the series There is Something I Don’t Know. The works show a rediscovery of the portraiture of the XV century. The portray – as a genre – has been deeply used in the figurative arts and it has nowadays a central role in contemporary artistic production and, particularly, in photography. Hanzlovà captures the human beings’ essence. Leonardo da Vinci inspires her, in fact some photos were taken at Palazzo Melzo d’Eril in Vaprio D’Adda where Leonardo lived and worked for a while.The artist defines the setting with great precision and formal strictness. The backgrounds are out-of-focus to make the subjects clearly stood out, like in painting, in order to grasp people intimate world. She hasn’t a narrative intention, but a descriptive one to study the relationships between the people and the space.

The Renaissance painting and the traditional Leonardo’s outline are evoked through her photographical portrays, which disclose a unique essence of the human being.
Jitka Hanzlovà was born in 1958 in Nachod (Czech Republic). In 1982 moved and set to Essen in Germany, where she discovered the photography as a direct medium of expression. She won the Grand Prix Award – Project Grant in Arles in 2003 and Paris Photo award in 2007. She has exhibited all over the world. Among her solo shows, it is worth mentioning those at Museum Folkwang in Essen, at Stedelijlk Museum in Amsterdam, at Fotomuseum in Winthertur, at Kunstverein in Frankfurt and in at Mapfre Foundation in Madrid in 2012. The Gallery presented her works in 2000 with her first Italian solo show and in 2006 with the series Forest.