marcello maloberti

may 26 – july 23, 2004

via a. stradella 7

On Tuesday, May 25, Raffaella Cortese Gallery presents a new project by Marcello Maloberti.
Every fragment of the material used, an infinite number of pieces of tape, placed on the walls, the ground, the ceiling and the windows of the gallery, reflect the light and produce a shadow, altering the perception of the room and constructing a second skin: an architecture within the architecture.

The obsessive repetition of the artist’s gesture, redesigns the gallery with a suspended and fragile, extra architecture using the most basic materials.

“Nausea, gesture, line, points, architecture of passage, insecurity, fragments, reflections of light, corridor, restlessness, direction…” are only some of the words that Maloberti uses to allude to the project.

Marcello Maloberti was born in 1966 in Codogno (Lodi) and now lives and works in Milan. He is a significant voice in the debate over contemporary art and is considered by critics to be one of the best Italian artists of his generation. Maloberti works with photography, video, installations, performance and public interventions.


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