marcello maloberti

all’incirca alla caviglia

april 23 – july 5, 2002

via r. farneti 10

On Tuesday 23 April, Raffaella Cortese Gallery will open a solo exhibition by Marcello Maloberti. During the evening the artist will present two performances, one of which will take place in space close by the Gallery, in via Stradella 7.

For approximately ten years Maloberti has been focusing on a research of the reality of everyday life and on its frequent changes, the original source from which he finds materials and images, stories and words rich with references, often at the limit of absurdity.

During the “All’incirca alla caviglia” performance, fifteen Indian roses sellers surprise us, lined up standing on stools which take on the function of a domestic and precarious basement. The visitor enters to see a red line formed by boys whose back are to the public and they create an obstacle along the corridor, blocking the entrance to the gallery.

During the performance, Maloberti pushes another of his favourite themes to the limit, the sense of heights, of precariousness, of human instability. To help him in this non-action there is the decaying space, an improbable ruined stage as well as the fixedness of performer’s stare, chosen with accuracy from the many possibilities, on the verge of falling into emptiness.

Marcello Maloberti, recognized as one of the most appreciated Italian artists, will at the same time be showing at Fondazione Querini-Stampalia, having been selected among the finalists of the prestigious Premio Furla. In June, he will open a solo exhibitions at Spazio Aperto of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Bologna, where he will present a new video installation.


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